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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving websites to appear in the first few positions on Google whenever someone searches for your service or a product. 

SEO works by doing in-depth keyword research, creating content around it, checking your website’s speed, and making changes in your website’s design so it can look attractive to search engines and visitors. In short, there are around 200 factors that Google consider before ranking any website, so we, as an SEO agency, have to work on all those factors. 

Yes! SEO is worth your money if you hire an expert who applies the right SEO strategy; your website can secure higher rankings and more traffic which can convert into sales. Around 93% of shopping begins with an online search, so there are greater changes in return on investment ROI in SEO than in traditional marketing. 

Typically, SEO can take up to 6 months to show results, but you can track gradual improvement in website visitors within a few days. 

SEO is important today, where around 90% of businesses are online. Your business can only survive in this fast-paced world with a website and doing SEO so it can show up on the top whenever some searches for your product or service. Remember what shows, sales. 

Paying Google to show your website in the first position is pay-per-click. In this method, Google shows your website in first position with a bold ad sign, and you have to pay for every click whenever someone clicks to land on your website. Another method is SEO. With this method, once you do SEO or hire someone else, you don’t have to pay for anything else. Google shows your website on top results without taking any money from you. After ads, Google shows websites based on their good performance and quality completely free. 

You can do SEO yourself with lots of research, tools, and practice. Still, if you have a budget, you can delegate this work to a professional SEO team with specialized people, including on-page SEO experts, off-page experts, and local and technical experts. 

There are around 200 factors that Google takes into account before ranking any website. 

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